Advertise: v. to promote a subset(s) to the public for sales and/or attendance

Advertising promotes information and/or goods and/or services but if it is repeated and watched enough then it can be considered a form of brainwashing which is information and images stored in your sub consciousness and it frequently impulsively appears in your consciousness during impulsive buying or an activity(s) and/or thinking about buying or doing something.

To achieve brand identification or popularity some companies spend millions of dollars on advertising but satisfied customers promoting a brand by word of mouth or in social media is what retailers, manufacturers, and promoters crave.

Successful advertising succeeds in appealing to human basic desires for health, wealth, attractiveness, popularity, status, and pleasure or entertainment. Sometimes advertising manipulates human fear to sell or promote something which can even be a behavior and/or idea.

Testimonials by celebrities or prominent relatively trustworthy individuals are frequently successful in selling something, especially if we admire and respect them.

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