Aggression: n. pursuing a goal(s) forcefully and/or threateningly which may include (body contact and/or violence) and/or a ((verbal threat(s) and/or verbal attack(s)) and/or physical attack(s))

Aggressiveness is part of human nature and many young offspring get into physical fights with siblings and other offspring and some even become bully problems for others. Society tries to channel aggression into less harmful pursuits such as wrestling, boxing, football, violent video games, and non-violent competition which minimizes the potential violence and harm which one human can do to another.

Despite acceptable forms of social aggression there are abusive families and considerable criminal violence which is always a part of society.

There is much verbal aggression which exists and human confrontations which result in combative arguments with each side trying to win with their point of view. Verbal aggression can be pretty nasty with harsh criticism, put downs, ridicule, name calling, and sometimes threats which imply physical harm such as “I will kill you!”

The struggle for dominance is part of animal behavior and human nature also has an abundance of it and ways of expressing it have acceptable social norms. Aggression causes fear and can result in passive compliance or a desire to retaliate immediately or at some point in the future.

Aggressive nations are feared just like aggressive humans but there is frequently the desire to retaliate rather than to passively submit.

Tyrants use aggression to make the ruled passively submit and are also more prone to extend their aggression beyond their borders because successful aggression at home tempts them to practice aggression abroad.

There is no one gene for aggression and we all have the potential for aggressive behavior. Some have a genetic makeup with more aggressive potential than others and are more predisposed to practice aggression in their lives.

Are males frequently more aggressive than females? Yes, because historically males have been stronger physically and dominated society with physical force more than mental force of persuasion. There are some pretty aggressive females in western societies but few choose to lead violent gangs and tyrant nations. Women’s liberation is really an attempt to escape the historical oppression which they have experienced and are continuing to experience under dominant male aggressiveness.


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