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Adjustment: n. (changing the deviation and/or the amount of a subset(s) and/or to move a subset(s)) and/or ((to adding and/or subtracting a subset(s)) and/or changing the frequency of a subset(s)) to achieve a goal(s)

Adjustments are made to achieve a goal(s) and it can  be done in one of four basic ways or in combination.

When told to “adjust this”-

You can change the quantity or amount such as adding or subtracting the amount of salt and/or pepper in a recipe.

You can move an item around physically such as moving around flowers in a bouquet arrangement or moving furniture around in a room or moving something spatially.

You can add and/or subtract a recipe ingredient(s)

You can change the frequency of an event(s) and/or behavior(s).

With events and behaviors you can change the amount by changing the duration that the behavior(s) and/or event(s) exists.

Adjustments can be as simple as changing the position of the scope on a rifle and as complex as shooting down a missile with another missile or changing the behavior of a group of very different humans.


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