Anonymous: adj. existing with an untrue name and secretly impacting a subset(s) of the world

A pen name is an example of anonymous behavior where you are writing about something of importance and wish to keep your true identity secret to the public.

Anonymous also is currently a loosely defined group of hackers who independently interfere with online websites for largely personal reasons and is somewhat anarchic and destructive.

It is increasingly becoming hard to operate in anonymous ways on the internet but it is still a problem which may have no ultimate solution without draconian measures which try to make anonymous usage next to impossible. In an age of surveillance cameras and government spying on the internet anonymity is becoming rather rare as a fact of life since most serious criminal behavior gets caught sooner or later and your public anonymity may remain but not to law enforcement agencies.

Stealing from bank accounts, identity theft, and computer invasion by malware, Trojans, and other secretly invasive software is still a fact of life and is the result of clever hacking by individuals who would like to remain anonymous and derive some kind of personal benefit from their criminal acts.

A desire for anonymity is dominant in individuals who have something frequently unpleasant to hide so I am not an advocate for such privacy because privacy is also a great shield for criminal activity and corruption of all kinds.

Military anonymity or secrecy is vital but I am a strong advocate of open source government and open source information on billion dollar corporations and banks because I see freedom of information to the public as the only antidote to corrupt government and corrupt international corporate behavior.


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