Awe: v. to sense very intense respect with fear and/or wonder from a subset(s)

There are relatively few things in life which should awe us. The universe, nature, and rarely some humans are worthy of awe. Some conquerors, business humans, inventors, and scientists were truly awesome but that is history and we should not dwell too much in the past because the world is filled with serious problems which need rather quick solutions.

Civilization itself for the long duration is being threatened with the destruction of food and wilderness biodiversity and civilization needs an updated secular moral ruder to guide it towards a more peaceful worldwide interaction and interaction among humans themselves. Check out my blog The Truth About Morality.

Moral relativity is not the answer to successful human interactions nor is dogmatic adherence to old religious practices and beliefs the answer to what ails humanity.  Humanity is inefficient with inefficient language usage or communication, inefficient politics, inefficient religion, inefficient economics, inefficient education, inefficient social behavior, inefficient entertainment, and inefficient use of energy and money for the long duration.

Compared to the awesome efficiency of wilderness plants and animals humans are dead last and nature abhors inefficiency and will punish humanity in the long duration if we continue our inefficient lifestyles worldwide.

Nature is to be awed, respected, feared, and imitated and if it is not it will retaliate with a vengeance in the long duration.

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