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Negligence: n. unintentional or intentional ignoring and/or carelessness which may exist once or infrequently or so frequently that it is habitual and sometimes causes injury to a human(s)

Most of us are occasionally unintentionally negligent or careless and forget to do things which should have been done. Landlords sometimes don’t replace rotten wood or fix leaky roofs, business humans sometimes don’t clean up spills, serve scalding beverages, or don’t remove sharp objects from the premises, and husbands sometimes forget anniversaries or birthdays.

There are also negligent careless humans who intentionally are rude or inconsiderate with others feelings. They also intentionally ignore some problems hoping that they will go away on their own.

Many forms of negligence have the potential to injure a human’s feelings and/or injure them physically and the physical injury is frequently the cause of many civil suits.

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