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Compliment: v. to mildly praise and usually approve

Complidiment: v. to mildly praise but disapprove

Most compliments are sincere but there are exceptions to the rule where you may be complimenting someone just to avoid hurt feelings and you really disapprove of the behavior or think that an appearance is ugly or not pleasant to look at. Great, wonderful, sensational, and awesome are not really polite, sincere, mild compliments but intense praise meant to make someone feel very happy whether they deserve to feel that way or not.

A proper compliment is approving of what someone thinks or does and praising them for it.

You can also deceptively compliment someone and disapprove of what they think or have done. This is a form of lying which some humans resort to when there is an authority figure whom they do not want to upset or challenge and so compliantly give an untrue compliment or a complidiment.

Language and many words promote lying and deception in society and it is time that we learned to discriminate between a true compliment and a deceptive one by inventing a new word for it or a complidiment.

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