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Contempt: n. sensing very intense disapproval frequently with hatred because of a belief in the (moral and/or behavioral) and/or physical inferiority of a subset(s)

We frequently feel contempt towards humans and behaviors which we believe are inferior and don’t meet our moral and/or physical standards. We frequently don’t want to help a contemptible human but rather feel that there would be no great loss if that human died. 

Contemptuous feelings have historically been the motivation for genocide and inhuman treatment of others.  Feelings of superiority are dangerous because what frequently follows is a belief that the inferior should not have a right to exist on the planet and if they do exist then they deserve extreme hardship or misery in their lives.

Historically immoral and criminal activity was held in contempt and resulted in cruel and unusual punishments. Serial killers are held in contempt and the death penalty is frequently used to end their lives. The desire to kill or destroy contemptible things is an important part of human nature and it must be civilized if justice is to be maintained and unnecessary suffering is to be considerably reduced.

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