Opinion: n. communicating a transient belief which is subject to change if confronted by logical reasoning or experiences which nullify samer belief

Opinions are frequently transient beliefs which we have about things which are relatively easily subject to change if we are shown that our opinion is untrue or not the whole truth.

We may temporarily believe that a new exercise routine will help us to lose weight. We try it and it fails so we change our opinion and conclude that it doesn’t help us to lose weight.

We may feel that one way to get good behavior from offspring is to bribe them or pay them every time that they behave very well. This may result in blackmail where the offspring will only behave well if you pay them or they may misbehave even when paid. Your opinion was wrong and bad circumstances force you to change your opinion or belief that money will solve bad behavior.

We frequently have favorable opinions about what we like and unfavorable opinions about what we don’t like. Our favorable opinion about a favorite food, celebrity, or appliance may all change if we get bored with our favorite food and find a better replacement, if our favorite celebrity mistreats a spouse or develops a drug addiction, and if the “reliable” appliance breaks down sooner than expected.

Sometimes  with logic and new facts someone will show that our opinions are erroneous and we change our opinions without new personal experiences playing a major role in the opinion change. Humans whom we trust and respect can also change our opinions more readily than humans which we don’t respect and trust.

Strong beliefs are not opinions easily changed so if you believe in moral behavior then you are highly unlikely to switch to immoral behavior. If you don’t believe in lying, stealing, and adultery then chances are you will take those beliefs to the grave and not change them.

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