Cowardice: n. stopping the pursuit of a goal(s) when there is the potential of serious but important confrontation and/or when the pursuit of the goal(s) is filled with too much danger

Historically a military coward was one who chose to hide or run away from a losing battle.

Social cowards are humans who avoid important confrontations at all costs and will not defend themselves, their offspring, or spouse from abusive verbal and even physical assaults. Avoiding physical violence is rather smart and not necessarily cowardice but not trying to defend yourself or family from unjustified verbal abuse in public is a form of cowardice which should be replaced by verbal defensive actions. 

If someone calls your wife a slut and she isn’t then a comeback of “no she isn’t!” or “what makes you say that?” is the least that you should say as a defensive action in public. Don’t be afraid to bravely defend the humans who are dear in your life and expect you to stand up and defend them in public if they are being slandered or verbally abused.

Finally. NOT DOING WHAT IS RIGHT because of fear of social or group disapproval can also be considered to be a form of moral or behavioral cowardice.

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