Modern society is very impatient. We want our food fast, we want fast money, fast conversation, fast relationships, fast entertainment, fast education, some want fast cars, and many want fast solutions to problems in life.

The result is a narcissistic feel good culture wanting instant gratification in almost everything. If we quickly don’t get what we want then we try to escape our felt confinement with addictive drugs or happy pills and easily succumb to other addictive behaviors such as pornography, impulsive shopping, gambling, and over eating.

Many of us don’t realize that selfcontrol and patiently working and planning ahead to reach worthwhile goals in life is much more important than living an impulsive largely irrational daily existence where one day is pretty much the same as the other day and no substantial progress is made.

Fewer and fewer take time out from the rat race to really analyze and think about the life which we are living and may actually want to live in the future.

Patience is not a virtue if you are just lounging around not doing much or just engaging in mostly trivial pleasure seeking pursuits. Patience is a virtue if you are using that time wisely to pursue your long duration goals as well as some short duration goals. Patiently working to get what you most value in life is the true key to successful and happy living in the long duration.

If you are not patiently learning new skills and new knowledge then you will probably be stuck in your rut on into the foreseeable future until some crisis happens in your life which makes you think about and maybe change your largely dysfunctional lifestyle of impulsive impatience.

I am not advocating that you patiently wait for good things to happen in your life. I am advocating that you patiently work and do things to increase the probability that good things will happen in your life not only in the short duration but also in the long duration.

Patience: n. a willingness to endure (suffering and/or provocation) and/or (delay and/or tediousness) and/or (incompetence and/or partence) and/or (doing with composure and/or doing with selfcontrol when trying to achieve a goal(s))


Partence: n. using up much time trying to achieve a goal(s)


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