Duty: n. being responsible because of (habit and/or morality) and/or legality and the responsibility is frequently a subset(s) demanded by (a human(s) and/or a family(s)) and/or (an organization(s) and/or society)

Duty is recognizing the need for responsibility and being motivated to behave responsibly as an authority figure.

You may know how to behave responsibly towards yourself, a human, family, organization, or society and proceed to do so whenever the need arises.

You may fear illegality, social censure, and criticism by a human if you do not behave dutifully or you may just feel that behaving dutifully is the right thing to do.

Whether motivated by fear or a good conscience or both, most of us try to fulfill our duties and behave responsibly to the best of our ability.

We all have a duty to behave responsibly towards ourselves, other humans, and the world which includes a duty to save and expand wilderness!!!!!!

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