Embellishment: trying to make a subset(s) more decorative and/or interesting with added details

One of the weaknesses of humans is that they have a tendency to add embellishments to relatively simple, efficient, and functional things. The result is that perfection is frequently cluttered with unnecessary items designed to attract attention but they have no utilitarian function and a dubious claim to more beauty.

Logos on products and services are useful additions because they convey useful information but added baubles are frequently an eyesore and scream cheap attempt at trying to make a product stand out and be relatively unique.

Women are notorious for wanting embellishments on their clothing and frequently cringe if someone else is wearing the same clothes or jewelry. An attempt at individuality or trying to make an individual statement frequently results in bad taste in clothing, handbags, perfume, and jewelry. Many embellishments are not beautiful but mutant forms of creativity which make natural human beauty less beautiful.

Classic clothing may be boring but it truly shows great taste because it is so  utilitarian and an attempt at human  and natural perfection which is simplicity, efficiency, and functionality. Nature loves efficiency and it is only humans who make a mockery of it with their inefficient mutant embellishment behavior.

Embellishing animals with non-functional human attire is an absurdity which society tolerates because it is a big money maker and appeals to large human egos always trying to make a noticeable impression on others.

Society is embellished with too much polluting human behavior and crap and we are all going to pay for our mutant inefficient behavior in the long duration. Nature will not tolerate this kind of behavior for very long and there are already signs of it in declining human health and more and more dysfunctional human relationships.

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