Disrespect: v. to sense that a human has much less value because of (immorality and/or criminality) and/or (many inadequate skills in a profession and/or (bad and/or wrong behaviors)) and/or inadequate experience

Here are some basic reasons why we disrespect humans and value them less than others:

They may be immoral or lie, steal, or are adulterous.

They may be criminals or law breakers.

They may be incompetent or have inadequate skills in a profession.

They may make many mistakes or do many bad or wrong behaviors. They may be mean, rude, use profanities, communicate poorly, have severe addiction problems such as alcohol, drugs, pornography, promiscuity, gambling, excessive impulsive shopping, and in general have bad personalities. They may associate with bad humans.

They may have inadequate experience in life with human relationships and events and may be overly naïve and have childish behavior.

If you find out that you are being disrespected by others then maybe you have one or more of the above characteristics.


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