Exclusiveness: n. limiting to one subset which is frequently a human and/or group of humans

If there is something only you have or something which only you can do then that is truly something exclusive. There are also exclusive clubs and professional organizations which limit membership to only qualifying individuals.

Running about 70 miles an hour or about 113 kilometers per hour is exclusive to cheetahs and other animals and plants also have some exclusive traits.

The herd instinct in humans impulsively creates a desire for exclusivity and there are many groups and organizations which appeal to this desire for exclusivity. Unfortunately this pride in exclusivity is also the source for much bias and prejudice which creates a feeling of superiority in a group and puts down others who are not members of the exclusive group or club.

Status symbols such as a big house, expensive car, yacht, airplane, and expensive clothing are all really exclusivity symbols and create great pride in their owners. Many fall prey to a desire to possess expensive objects to make up for the fact that many personally have not achieved great personal status in society which is what is really important and what truly merits respect and admiration from other humans.

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