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Excuse: v. to attempt to (delay and/or escape) and/or avoid a subset(s) and/or to attempt to subtract blame for an (unfulfilled promise and/or mistake) and/or offense and trying to defend and/or justify the action(s) and/or inaction(s) with a real valid reason and/or lie


We are frequently tempted to make excuses when we

don’t want to do something or want to escape it,

want to delay something,

want to avoid something,

don’t fulfill a promise,

make a mistake which we would want to hide, and

do something offensive or bad which we are ashamed of.


Sometimes excuses are believable and true such as being late because you got stuck in city traffic but some excuses are actually lies designed to be believable but in fact are not factual. Not attending an important event may be accompanied by a lie that you were too busy with other important priorities and could not attend.


You can get somewhat talented at making untrue excuses over time and turn into a compulsive liar which is not good for your good reputation once you get caught in a lying excuse as you inevitably will be given enough time.


Even if no one catches you in a lying excuse, humans tend to eventually avoid or disrespect humans who are constantly coming up with excuses for not doing something, making mistakes, not fulfilling promises, and behaving badly.


Instead of making excuses say no politely if you don’t want to do something, learn from your mistakes and don’t make them again, don’t make promises which you don’t intend to keep, and try to eliminate or greatly reduce your bad behaviors. Have the selfcontrol and determination to change your behavior so that excuses are no longer necessary in your life. Humans will respect you more and your own sense of selfworth will improve.

Real reasons may sound like an excuse but honest answers should be given whenever possible. I don’t want to waste my time, it is too expensive, sorry no, I am not interested, I don’t believe in doing that, my family or I disapprove of it, I will try not to make the mistake again, it won’t happen again, I shouldn’t have done that, and finally simply “I don’t want or like to do that”.

It is human nature to want to try to reduce the severity of a failed promise, mistake, offense, immorality, or bad behavior by defending your action(s) or trying to justify it with mitigating circumstances. You are making a mistake if you try to lie your way out of a situation because you will be accused of deceit or lying and your reputation will end up in the toilet. 

Some excuses are justified because you may have been late due to real reasons such as traffic congestion or spending more time at an important meeting than anticipated but making excuses for too many shortcomings can be habit forming and you can start making creative wrong excuses for things which are inexcusable.

If you are making too many failed promises, too many mistakes, are guilty of bad behavior or even immorality then don’t make excuses but do your best to change yourself and don’t make the mistakes, don’t behave badly, and don’t do immoral things. Your good reputation, especially with humans closest to you, can be severely damaged and trusting relationships will no longer be possible.

To minimize your excuses remember this-DON’T MAKE PROMISES WHICH YOU DON’T INTEND TO KEEP!!! It is a form of lying and no one will respect you if you don’t fulfill your promises or don’t follow through with them.

Excuses, excuses, excuses! Not a good pattern for your life and you will live to regret it in the long duration if you make too many excuses.




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Increase Profit

Profit: n. money remaining when expenses are subtracted from income

Profiting encourages efficiency but it puts emphasis on quantity of money and not on the qualitative use of money.

The biodiversity and quality of our food supply has been ruined by pursuing profit with factory farming, monoculture agriculture, overly processed foods with artificial additives, and trying to monopolize the food with patented unhealthy GMO’s.

In the short duration agriculture is making a good profit but in the long duration the emphasis on profit and not the quality and diversity of the food is creating a very unhealthy food supply.

Making a profit on invested money in the short duration is corrupting the money management with risky investments in the form of derivatives and manipulation of the stock market prices which are not based on fundamentals but on pure gambling speculation. Big money is gambling or radically speculating with money with government guarantees and the public is paying for speculative failures with incredible budget deficits in the trillions of dollars.

Pure capitalism with an emphasis on making as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time is being applied to growing food and managing money. This shortsighted profit motive is resulting in unhealthy food and a threatening financial collapse in the long duration.

Manufacturing products in the cheapest way possible and not sustainably is also generating more pollution than necessary. China is a perfect example of excessive pollution of the environment due to an over emphasis on short duration profit over the health of the environment.

The Chinese economic miracle is paying a high price by polluting the environment for future generations who will have to live with the pollution and their long duration health will suffer.

The service industries are the one area where profit is essential because if you remove the profit incentive and competition then the workforce will become terribly inefficient and not give the most work output for the dollars invested.

Businesses with unions are less profitable than businesses without them and negotiated overly generous pension plans are bankrupting the businesses and organizations which have to pay for them. Government inefficiency is legend and a perfect example of what can happen when profit does not play an important role in keeping the organization efficient.

Producing goods in great quantity with the profit motive is resulting in a sacrifice of quality where it really counts, quality food. Making more money with big money not tied to tangible assets is resulting in a corrupt financial management system which is threatened by bankruptcy in the long duration.

Planning for the future with a secure money supply where the value of money remains constant and encourages long duration planning and savings for emergencies and retirement is essential for a just economy. Remove an incentive to save some money for the future or a rainy day and individual finances, corporate finances, and national finances become dysfunctional and teeter on the verge of bankruptcy. The use of money or the financial system must be disciplined so that it encourages long duration planning and not just short duration planning.

Too much emphasis on short duration money profits is resulting in a world or money not tied to reality and if reality is denied then disaster is just around the corner.

The greatest danger is the destruction of wilderness or biodiversity which is the only safety net for civilization when the domestic food supply becomes too unhealthy to consume.

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