Foolishness: n. silliness and/or making a wrong frequently impulsive judgment(s) and behaving with many wrong behaviors which usually are not immoral behaviors and frequently have no serious consequences

If you are being foolish then you may be silly, unwise, stupid, and mindless or effectively you have made a wrong impulsive judgment and are behaving badly with generally no serious consequences.

Random behavior is sometimes funny and foolish or silly so you may be consciously behaving like a fool to make someone laugh. The actual difference between foolishness and stupidity is minimal so if you are behaving foolishly then you are also behaving stupidly and/or with silliness. Some do not consider silliness stupidity so stupidity can be considered a subset of foolishness without the silliness.

Wrong  or foolish behavior may be  to some extent illegal, bad, and stupid behavior. The illegality, badness, and stupidity is not frequently severe enough to cause serious consequences and the foolishness is not fundamentally immoral such as lying, stealing, or adultery which has serious consequences. You can wrongly say that you are a fool if you lie, steal, or are adulterous but it would be an inaccurate statement. You are immoral if you lie, steal, or are adulterous is a more accurate statement which doesn’t obscure the meaning of foolishness.


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