Fraud: n. a willful deception frequently resulting in injury to another human(s)

Lying in public, libel or slander, is fraudulent behavior and lying privately is not legally punished by society and not considered criminal even though it frequently causes injury to human relationships and is still basically fraudulent behavior.

Inserting illegalities into legally binding contracts is an attempt at deception or is in fact fraudulent behavior and illegal.

Much health, weight loss, and cosmetic advertising is glaringly deceptive with much falsehood or untruths and should be considered fraud. Unfortunately proving the fraud is costly and time consuming since evidence must be gathered to prove it in court so much deceptive fraudulent advertising is not prosecuted at all but becomes social myth with constant exposure and brainwashing.

You can fraudulently steal without using violence or the threat of violence and deceptive stealing has become institutionalized in society. How frequently have you lost money or possessions because you believed in the deceptions or lies about the future which were offered you? They were promises or deceptive lies about big money, sexual allure, instant health, and great status frequently deceiving you into parting with your hard earned money.

Social norms ultimately determine which deceptions are legal and which deceptions are illegal or fraudulent. The fact is that almost all deceptions should be fraudulent because they cause financial and/or mental and/or health and/or relationship injury to their victims.

Yes, comforting lies are preferred by many to harsh reality or truth but the biggest victim of social mythology is the mental injury which so many in society suffer from. The mental injury reveals itself in emotional immaturity and failed relationships and an almost total absence of logical thinking and reasoning in daily life. Historically the mental stupidity of the brainwashed masses is legend and is continuing on into the foreseeable future.

Much of society is condoned deceptive or fraudulent behavior and it can be used as a primary reason for the terribly corrupt state of affairs that society is in. Lying and deceptions with hidden lies should be immoral and the more officially fraudulent it becomes in society, the healthier will the society become.

Unfortunately our language and its usage promotes deceptions of all kinds and you can readily stereotype someone as stupid or lazy if they have only been stupid or lazy two or three times. Stereotyping is deceptive language usage and it will plague society until many in powerful  positions decide to improve the language and its usage.

I am one who has shown the way to improving the language and eliminating antonym or synonym deceptive bias in language. All that I need is humans in positions of leadership to promote the necessary changes for the benefit of all humankind, since a more logical language leads inevitably to smarter humans.

The present state of language promotes deception and emotional irrationality and it is time to start taking some serious steps to change this great human social flaw which is going to continue to severely handicap future generations unless necessary radical change is undertaken.

It is time to start taking away the emphasis on how a word feels to an emphasis on what the definition or meaning of the word(s) which you are using is. MIssion impossible? For those rooting for the status quo the answer is yes. For those with a social conscience and desire for truth to ultimately triumph the answer is no!



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