Fetish: n. an extreme obsession with a deviant subset(s) which is thought to have supernatural powers and/or gives extreme emotional satisfaction

Extreme obsessions with physical objects such as trinkets which supposedly have supernatural powers is a fetish but there are also extreme obsessions with sexually deviant behaviors which also are considered to be fetishes.

Role playing, sexual play, exhibitionism, discipline/submission, masochism, bondage, and clothing accessories are the broad categories under which sexual fetishes exist. For a more detailed list here is a link to sexual fetishes-

A specific example of a sexual fetish is a foot fetish where stroking, viewing, sucking, and even licking feet gives intense sexual pleasure. Many sexual fetishes are very unusual or even weird but they exist nevertheless in some rather unique humans.

When fetishes become obsessive compulsive addictions then they are more appropriately called mental or emotional illnesses and not fetishes such as obsessive compulsive washing of hands or hoarding. Washing hands and hoarding is not really a deviant form of behavior which can be called a fetish but I couldn’t find an example of an obsessive compulsive fetish. A very high frequency of the behavior is what determines whether your fetish has indeed become an emotional illness and not just merely a deviant form of behavior.


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