Frame up:  n. willfully stealing a human’s criminal innocence

A frame up is basically someone planting or placing false evidence at the scene of the crime or getting witnesses to lie about a crime or both. Physical evidence and witnesses are the keys to successful convictions in court and if you are the victim of a frame up then only an excellent reputation may be what saves you from an almost guaranteed conviction.

A frame up for murder is a scary thought but some law abiding parents are victims of child abuse frame ups. Frequently physical injury to a child and the testimony of one parent, one adult, or one teacher is enough to start an investigation into child abuse and incompetent case workers sometimes make impulsive judgments about circumstantial evidence like profanity, physical injury, and discipline problems and remove children from their families causing more abuse on the child in foster homes and elsewhere.

There are even rare examples of home schooling being considered as child abuse by some incompetent, poorly trained, biased, overly zealous case workers. Case workers who don’t have degrees in human relationships and who sometimes don’t have good relationships in their personal lives are asked to be judge and jury of relationships in poorly investigated only sometimes dysfunctional families. Framed by incompetent government workers is already a social fact in some cases.

A police frame up is a scary thought because the assumption is that officers never lie. A corrupt police force is the hardest to combat so the quality or excellent reputation of officers should be a vital concern to any community.


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