Prevention: n. stopping a probable future event(s) and this may be achieved by some previous event(s) and/or by making and/or placing a barrier(s)

You can stop an event(s) temporarily by delaying it or stop it entirely by cancelling it. You can also prevent something from happening by placing a barrier(s) around or in front of it.

You can prevent an animal from escaping by putting up a fence or putting it in a cage. You can also prevent a failing grade by studying hard before a test or planning ahead for it. You can prevent accidents with careful behavior and ill health can frequently be prevented by eating organic and getting moderate exercise.

Some events are not preventable so you can either ignore them or avoid them and not be affected by them directly. Other events such as divorce are largely preventable if you marry the right spouse but unfortunately sometimes no matter how carefully you plan ahead you can’t prevent something bad from happening.

If you know what you are doing then an ounce of prevention is frequently worth a pound of cure.

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