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Guess: v. to make a judgment and/or estimation without adequate knowledge for certainty

Guessing what you will probably do and think is easier than guessing about what your offspring or spouse will do and think. The less that you know about a human or a situation the worse your guessing becomes.

Guessing about your near future is better than your guessing about what will exist a year or more from now.

There is nothing like previous experience with humans or experience with a skill or job to make you a better guesser about those subjects. Prior experience is vital for good guessing but even with it you can be very wrong and still make some very bad guesses.

Predicting future outcomes and relationships is something that we would all like the power to have and there are plenty of fortune tellers and horoscopes trying to fulfill this basic desire to want to know what the future will bring.

Taking out all the guesswork in life is mission impossible and even perfectionists have to admit that they are even wrong some of the time and can’t always make things turn out to their liking.

Technology and computer software is taking much guesswork out of many professions but there are still areas like psychiatry where faulty guesswork is rampant. No accurate definitions of the terminology used and a desire to get quick results makes ballpark estimates or diagnoses highly inaccurate and prolongs much misery and unhappiness in patients. Pushing pills with very bad side effects is handicapping many patients for the long duration with prolonged emotional distress and no cure.

Read the side effects for psychiatric drugs. They are exactly the same as the symptoms which the pills are supposedly trying to cure. If you weren’t mentally ill to start with then you will be when you start taking them and then try to get off them. If you weren’t mentally sick to start with you will be when you are put on them and try to withdraw!

If you had infrequent hallucinations and no insomnia before taking the pills then you will have more hallucinations and guaranteed insomnia when you try to withdraw. In effect you wind up with more side effects after withdrawal then you started with. The chemical imbalances that the pills cause in your brain are nothing short of criminal, especially if you have used them for a long duration.

In the US fifty years ago about 3% of the population was mentally ill. Today we are close to 25% with mental illness and patients are taking one or more mind altering psychiatric drugs. If those statistics are not proof of medical malpractice then I don’t know what kind of proof has to be collected to reform a very corrupt profession making a tremendous profit at patient and taxpayer’s expense.

Guessing about most things in life does not lead to much personal injury but guessing about your mental health should be a crime because it can make you terribly unhealthy in the long duration. The cost to society from this irresponsible guesswork is in the billions!!!!!!


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