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Help:  v. to give a lifeform(s) a subset(s) so samer lifeform(s) can frequently achieve a necessary and/or desired goal(s)

You can help a human by offering them money, food, a possession, a service, knowledge, physical, or emotional support in time of need. Anything which you offer a human which will assist in achieving his or her goal(s) is help.

Students sometimes need help with homework and need transportation to and from school.

The best human relationships are where mutual helping exists or where each human in the relationship works as a team helping each other to reach their goal(s).

Sometimes the help offered such as the current welfare system only promotes further dependency and actually has some bad consequences. The destitute and also unemployed need a safety net at any age but the system must be radically reformed to eliminate corruption as outlined in my evergreen truth book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS.

We can all help biodiversity to survive by protecting and even expanding wilderness real estate. Wilderness plants and animals will help themselves if we just leave them alone and that is mostly all the help that they really need from us.

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