Incentive: n. creating a motivating subset(s)

Pleasure, fear, pride, role models, money, status, and helping others are the primary incentives or motivating factors in human behavior(s). We generally do what gives us pleasure and do or don’t do something to avoid what we fear. We also generally want to be proud of the things which we do or achieve. We also are frequently incentivized to imitate successful role models even though the role models in our lives are not that successful.

We all like to feel important about ourselves and would like others to think highly of us so that motivates many to try and make enough money, have some status, and help others in our daily lives.

Much personal failure and social failure can be the result of addictive bad behaviors acquired in childhood from bad role models but acquiring bad addictive behaviors in adulthood can also lead to much personal and social failure. Crises in life are sometimes the incentives which are needed to change some of our bad addictive behaviors, especially if we are getting considerable satisfaction from them.

We should all be incentivized to be good and do good in society. Unfortunately moral decay is continuing and many don’t know what being moral really means any more.  Many are floundering in a moral vacuum which results in failed human relationships and dysfunctional lifestyles. Failing personal lives are reflected in failed leadership lives. The society is in decay and corruption is becoming rampant.

Humans need just purpose in their lives to give it meaning and only an updated secular morality can give it to them. Young impressionable lives should be indoctrinated in elementary school with a just morality which is- except in emergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

If you know what be good and do good in society means then you are probably morally sound and are leading a relatively successful life.



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