Irresponsibility: n. being one who is not worthy of trust to do some duty(s) and/or task(s) and there is a large probability that one will fail to do the duty(s) and/or task(s) if it is requested

Incompetence: n. not having many of the requirements essential to an identified subset(s) and not achieving a goal(s)

You can say that an irresponsible human is also incompetent but an incompetent human may have some responsible behaviors which don’t make them totally irresponsible. A partially trustworthy or partially responsible human may be honest, sincere, relatively punctual, and a responsible parent but because of incompetence in a job they may not be dependable so they could be considered to be irresponsible to some extent.

A human may try to behave responsibly but fail miserably because of personal incompetence somewhere because they are just not experienced enough or don’t have enough skills to do the job right.

If a human is trying to behave responsibly but is failing then the problem may be incompetence somewhere and once that incompetence is overcome the human may indeed become very responsible.

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