Avoidance:  n. choosing not to do a subset(s) and/or ignoring the subset(s)

We frequently try to avoid unpleasant circumstances, unpleasant humans, and unpleasant events but don’t always succeed because the world is filled with unpleasant circumstances, humans, and events. If we do our best to avoid unpleasantries then we frequently are not trapped trying to escape them.

We all have developed coping skills with unpleasantries. We choose to spend less time with unpleasantries, develop a calloused emotional attitude, or actually put in some time and effort trying to change unpleasantries a little so they are not so unpleasant.

Sometimes nagging is unavoidable and ignoring it is sometimes the best solution if it doesn’t stop and can’t be changed for the better. Being ignored is not what most humans want but it sends a message that you don’t like something much and are not willing to invest your time and energy arguing about it or trying to change the impossible. Of course if you don’t like your job then you can’t ignore it entirely or risk being fired so ignoring is not always the ultimate solution.

Bad behavior and bad humans frequently results in bad circumstances and bad relationships so basically try and avoid the bad and engage the good.

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