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Logic: n. being skilled in accurate reasoning

The more mathematical our reasoning is the more logical it is and if science can be included in our reasoning then it becomes the ultimate in explaining the existence of phenomenon in this universe.

Some reasoning is not very mathematical and it is cause effect reasoning or the assumption that one or more causes create one or more effects.

Deductive and inductive reasoning is really a skill at following a cause effect chain from beginning to end (deductive reasoning) and from end to beginning (inductive reasoning).

The concept of spatial arrangements using sets and subsets to describe the universe makes the most sense logically and is a way of grouping things and/or events into connected clusters.

Logic is really making accurate correspondences between movement or verbs and/or the environment or nouns. If we accurately describe the world and the way it operates then it has predictive value and we can make similar descriptions about the world in the future or past. If we make inaccurate descriptions of the world in the present then it is not very useful and has little or no predictive value about the future or past.

Nothing is more important than accurate descriptions of words or definitions because if our definitions are vague and inaccurate then their use in the world will also be rather vague and inaccurate.

The humanities and pseudo scientific politics and sociology uses badly defined words to try and describe reality and it is relatively useless with little predictive value and is mostly a statement of statistical norms and not cause effect relationships.

To make the humanities more logical I have attempted to define words more logically and have new more accurate definitions for love, hate, empathy, pity, cruelty, steal, deception, etc. and this more logical approach makes greater sense than ever before and makes possible more rigorous or accurate descriptions of reality.

They are not scientific definitions so their predictive value is not absolute but at least it is a step in the right direction in making language more logical and less emotionally biased. More logical definitions means a smarter language and humans who use the words with greater understanding will make smarter more logical choices in their lives.

If you have accurate reasoning ability in an area of expertise then you can be said to be logical in that area of expertise under many circumstances.

You are being logical if you can accurately find correspondences between a cause and effect or a series of causes and effects.

You are also logical if you can find relationships or correspondences between a set and subsets and between the subsets themselves.

You are also logical if you make accurate probabilistic communications about events.

You are logical if you accurately use historical precedents and present observations to make relatively accurate predictions about the future.

You are logical if you can use mathematics to describe the relationships or correspondences between variables in physics, chemistry, and biology.

You are logical if you use the scientific method to discover new facts, relationships, or correspondences between variables, sets and subsets.

You are logical if you can make accurate correspondences.

You are logical if you accurately predict the future behavior of a human based on historical precedent or based on the behaviors of that human or a group of humans similar in behavior to that human.

You are more logical if you use words with accurate logical definitions and not vague badly defined ones.

Finally you are logical if you can accurately observe someone’s emotional state and can predict another’s behavior relatively accurately. You are also logical if you can control or change the emotional state of another in a relatively predictable way.


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