Blame: v. to judge responsibility for a (mistake(s) and/or wrong)(s) and/or (injustice(s) and/or immorality(s)) and/or bad circumstance(s)

When you are blaming a human(s) and/or circumstance(s) then you are in effect being judge and jury and claiming that something is a mistake, wrong, an injustice, and/or immoral. Be careful who or what you are blaming because you may be partially or totally to blame for the bad human behavior or bad circumstance and you may not be guilt free.

Ask questions, gather evidence, and consult reputable sources if possible which is better than making too many impulsive judgments, being wrong in your judgment, and having to argue for your wrong biased viewpoint which frequently causes vengeful and hurt feelings in others.

Dead and living humans and their institutions and vices are frequently to blame for the problems in this world but some blame bad luck, bad weather, bad events, bad economy, bad laws, and bad addictions.

If you feel victimized then start by blaming yourself and then proceed to improve yourself and some of the world with it.

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