Coercion: n. using force and/or the threat of force to get a desired (behavior(s) and/or thinking(s)) and/or belief(s) in an animal(s)

Have you ever used physical force on someone or threatened them with physical force? Then you have used coercion. Sometimes offspring are coerced to behave by threatening them with spanking and abusive spouses frequently use coercion to get what they want in a marriage. Some pets are also coerced and physically hit out of shear abuse or just a desire to get them to behave. Civilized humans should not be using coercion on each other but unfortunately it is still a fact of life in many cases in this world.

A stickup using a gun as a threat is the most basic kind of coercion without actual physical contact being necessary in most cases. Unfortunately police officers also sometimes have to use coercion to apprehend and arrest criminals or lawbreakers.

Slavery was made possible because of coercion by the slave owners and laws permitting it. Religious coercion is still being practiced by some fanatical and not so fanatical Muslims. Tyrants use political coercion to rule.

Scapehum: n. a human and/or group of humans that is coerced into accepting blame for another’s (immorality and/or misbehavior) and/or mistakes

I chose to make a new word for scapegoat and a new accurate definition because it is not a goat but rather a human who is coerced into accepting blame for something.

The less coercion there is in society the more just it is and humans can interact morally and relatively peacefully with one another. Unfortunately morality is not indoctrinated into modern humans and the result is much irresponsible behavior which the general public tends to abhor and begins to look for government for a solution.


Irresponsible immoral behavior results in many unnecessary absolute unjust laws which are coercive in nature since they are enforced with the use of force. Every unjust absolute law is really a coercive threat of the use of force if it is not obeyed. The net effect of so many unjust absolute laws is that many minorities are handicapped by having to live under the laws and it seems that there is justice for the majority but in fact many minorities are oppressed.

In the real world where there are so many exceptions to an absolute rule the more absolute rules there are the more unjust the government becomes.


So many unjust rules or laws means that new businesses and new young humans are at a distinct disadvantage competitively speaking and the established businesses and older individuals almost have a monopoly power over who can compete against them in society.


Government can’t legislate morality by passing laws to try and control human behavior in minute detail so a secular morality must be taught in public schools so that its citizens can interact relatively peacefully with one another in an atmosphere of more general trust. That secular morality should be-except in emergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder!!!!!!

With a secular public morality the amount of necessary government coercion can be minimal and its citizens can live in relatively trusting relationships with one another and not constantly have to live in fear of being victimized by violence and/or a ripoff by another immoral citizen.

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