Neglect: v. to intentionally or unintentionally ignore and/or not care for adequately

Neglect can be unintentional or intentional and a misunderstanding and confrontation frequently exists when unintentional neglect is considered intentional. Forgetfulness is frequently considered a form of neglect and it is rampant in society. If you really cared about me then you wouldn’t be so forgetful!

Humans do forget and some more than others and failed promises to do something is frequently considered intentional neglect.

Males neglecting to spend enough time with offspring is frequently viewed as a sign of parental negligence or simply not caring enough and effectively ignoring offspring. Child neglect by both parents is frequently considered child abuse since offspring frequently don’t get the care they deserve or need.

Negligent businesses and landlords are sometimes sued in court and some lawyers make a killing from negligence cases. Negligence is frequently a question of being responsible for doing something and not doing it.

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