Complexity: n. made from a relatively large number of subsets

At first glance it seems like the world is a complicated place. There are thousands of websites, thousands of products, thousands of books, thousands of blogs, thousands of songs, hundreds of stores, hundreds of games, hundreds of movies, hundreds of TV channels, hundreds of foods, hundreds of entertainers, over a hundred countries, and billions of humans.

The choices seem overwhelming yet most of us visit only a handful of websites, TV channels, stores, have a handful of songs, movies, and entertainers whom we like, have few if any close friends, and live rather predictable lives doing the same basic things day in and day out.

Technology is overwhelmingly complex but it is simplifying our lives so that all that you have to do is scan and click to get whatever you want instantly and much thinking is taken out of the process. A cell phone existence is the kind of life which awaits most of us in the future.

For the ambitious thousands of government laws and big money companies monopolizing most areas of life makes starting your own business or enterprise and making it a success rather improbable. The rich are getting richer and there are increasingly more poor humans stuck in rather unfulfilling lives.

In an era of technological change in the 21st century the liberal arts will be increasingly job poor and computer software will replace many jobs. Doctors will diagnose with the aid of computers and menial workers will be replaced by robots. Even driving will become mostly inputting the destination and letting the car drive us to where we want to go. Most of us will be leading rather simple lives on welfare eating, drinking, and socializing and being entertained via the internet.

For the innovators and industry leaders technological complexity will be almost overwhelming and demand the brightest and best to continue to make progress. For most of the rest of us who will still be employed it will largely be pushing buttons and spending hours on a computer screen.

Eating, drinking, shelter, transportation, toiletries, cell phone, an intimate relationship, some friends, and entertainment is really all most of us need in life and it is something which most of us will have to settle for in the near future.

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