A leader must like responsibility.

A leader must like responsibility and know how to surround him or herself with responsible workers. A leader must like honesty, dependability, competence, efficiency, and trustworthiness which makes responsible behavior possible. The buck stops at the leader and he or she gets most of the credit for success or most of the blame for failure. Rewarding or punishing workers appropriately for success or failure is vital to responsible leadership. Sometimes the punishment can be as little as saying -“I know you can do better next time.”

A leader must like communication with humans.

A leader must have emotional intelligence and be able to effectively communicate with workers and motivate them on both the emotional and physical level. A leader knows how to listen carefully to what the workers have to say and gets feedback from them before a job, during the job, and after the job by asking appropriate questions which monitor work performance. You must know how to provide your workers with proper emotional support, material support, and personnel support to get each job done properly or successfully.

A leader must like to solve problems.

Having the right skills, knowledge, and experience with similar problems is vital to leadership and liking to apply these skills to new problems is a sign of competent leadership. Planning ahead and anticipating problems before they happen will frequently save much time and money and maybe avoid many relatively minor problems in the process. Being skilled at researching an issue which is new or unusual and may need a different approach is sometimes vital. Problems are solved with the right skills, knowledge, and experience and the solution is to acquire them or to find humans who already have them in abundance and let them do some of the problem solving for you.

A leader must like learning from and correcting mistakes.

Some leaders make mistakes and don’t learn from them or don’t learn how to correct them by trying again and doing the same thing a little differently. I will not change because I have done this successfully for the past 20 years without failure is a narrow minded philosophy which few innovative leaders can afford in the fast changing technological 21st century. A good leader who makes a mistake will not try to hide from it but openly admit to making it, learn from the mistake, and try to change his or her behavior so that it doesn’t happen again. A good leader views a mistake as a challenge to do better the next time.

 Finally a confident leader is a good leader but one with a confident workforce is a great leader!!! Developing a competent and confident staff is an outstanding accomplishment.


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