Practice: v. to repeat a behavior(s) and/or skill(s) and/or knowledge and/or experience to get competency and/or expertise

You have probably heard the phrase that “practice makes perfect” and it is frequently true that with enough repetition you can learn most skills and knowledge necessary for existence. The reality is that “practice frequently makes better” but not perfect since consistent perfection is not possible by any human but only robots.

What most don’t realize is that because of repetition or practice we also have developed good and bad habits which are not easy to change because they have become largely impulsive behaviors or the things which we frequently do and don’t do.

Habits are the result of what we have practiced in the past and if you don’t like some of your habits then you can blame the past. Then make a conscious decision to do something about it or you will have to blame yourself for inaction or not trying to improve upon the past.

Some are born with exceptional physical and/or mental ability and don’t need to practice that much to learn a new skill or knowledge. It is frustrating for many average humans to have to compete with humans that have inborn talent and it seems that no matter how much we repeat or practice something we are never really good enough to become outstanding performers in a consistent way. 

It is a smart human who realizes that there is a limit to how much you can practice trying to achieve the impossible. If you have to practice four times as much as the average human to reach a goal(s) then it is time to ask yourself-Is it worth the extra time that I am putting in to achieve something which takes others almost no time at all?

Most of us are born with some natural ability in something and it is a smart human who works on improving their strengths and doesn’t work so hard on trying to improve their weaknesses. Practice and improve what you are good at and don’t practice something which you are not good at that much.

Two valuable questions to ask are-What should I practice? and Why should I practice? If you are practicing without a goal(s) in mind then your should definitely reassess the situation.


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