Whistleblower: n. a human who makes public disclosure of corruption and/or wrongdoing

There is corruption in politics, medicine, banking, business, and media and only morally outraged insiders are truly capable of doing something about it. Unfortunately most whistleblowers get fired from their jobs, get blacklisted, have their reputations ruined, and many wind up financially handicapped for the rest of their lives.

Whistleblowing on the powerful is a very risky business and an independent organization(s) is necessary which protects whistleblowers from financial ruin and has the means to promote itself economically free of influence from the rich and powerful. Whistleblowers should be assured of a lifetime income if their reputation is ruined and financial support is necessary during ongoing court adjudications.

A financially independent organization(s) could be a tax free foundation(s) with lawyers who would be in a position to sue the corrupt offenders for their wrongdoing. The funding could come from private citizens, lawyers, rich philanthropists, successful suits, and organizations interested in promoting ethical behavior in society.

All the donations would be public knowledge and there would be a media arm which would assure that the suits became public knowledge and could potentially temporarily ruin the reputation of the corrupt offending organizations.

Legally the whistleblowing evidence would be stolen property so a national law would have to be passed making such evidence acceptable in a court of law nationally and maybe even internationally. This is the biggest hurdle to overcome since the issue of privacy comes up and you are really invading the privacy of powerful important organizations.

Corruption or corrupt practices should be against the law or fraudulent so the court system is ultimately the only realistic means of combating this fraud.

Medical fraud is the most serious because it affects the health of millions of humans. Not only are whistleblowers necessary to weed out some of the corruption but open source information is vital on all clinical trials, especially the ones which don’t show any positive results for the drugs being tested. Medical research should not be cloaked in secrecy but all bad and good results should become public knowledge. A grace period of perhaps a year before public publication of bad and good results should be mandatory.

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