Conform: v. to relatively accurately correspond within accepted limits for a normative subset(s) which is frequently within one standard of deviation

Thanks to our basic desire to conform to normative human standards society can function rather smoothly but there are always the non-conformists who disobey social norms and frequently have some unusual opinions, unique behaviors, and sometimes even an unconventional appearance.

Even if there is no desire to conform to society at large there is usually some conformity to a group or clique which practices non-conformity together and the individual who is totally unique, independent, and sticks out glaringly is rather rare. We all usually want to conform to a small or large group due to the herd instinct in all of us and this is sometimes a handicap if you chose a very controversial group to belong to.

A considerable amount of tolerance is necessary if many divergent groups are to live together in peace and harmony. Tolerance is frequently minimal where one religion is dominant or one ethnic tyrant rules supreme and tries to impose intolerant rules on everyone.

Islamic militantism is rather intolerant as well as some militant communist groups worldwide which demand extreme conformity to their views and behavior. Whether it is a revolt against the “decadent” west or a desire to maintain religious and ethnic purity there will always be the disenfranchised and exploited poor who will choose to rebel against apparent oppression and try to impose their conformist group thinking and behaving on others even with violence.

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