Purpose: n. a goal(s)

Some humans complain that they have no purpose in life.

If you eat, drink, sleep, and work then you have goals in your life and you have purpose. Sure, you may not have any earth shaking goals to achieve but you are surviving and that is a laudable goal to have.

You can always improve on your goals. If you like to eat then you can improve by eating healthier or gradually switching to eating more organic food. If you don’t like your job then you can try improving it by learning new skills and knowledge so that you qualify for a better job.

Feeling alone? Find a new friend by joining a club or organization which supports a cause or helps humans. Volunteer and you will find volunteer friends and potential friends among those whom you are trying to help.

I am semi retired so I decided to share a lifetime of knowledge by blogging.  I am learning something new almost on a daily basis and sharing the new knowledge also with my fellow bloggers.

No matter how purposeless your life seems to be you can almost always find something new to do or learn about. Don’t have purpose in your life? Start reading things which may interest you and discover a bucket list of things which you still haven’t done in your life and can still do or set as your future goals to achieve.

As long as you are setting small and/or large goals in life to achieve then you have purpose in life and if you continue to be healthy and alive then you can proceed to fulfill those purposes or goals.

Finally your purpose in life should be to live a moral life since your relationships with other humans will improve greatly. In a nutshell being moral means- except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. Follow this modern moral code and your life will improve eventually if not right away, especially with fellow humans.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 1000 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

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