Marriage is the best way to give offspring a stable, secure, relationship learning environment.

Marriage is a legal document which does not condone adultery and gives a man a sense of pride, rightful possession, and responsibility to spouse and offspring.

Marriage is a commitment during the good and bad times and theoretically guarantees more than a fair weather friendship. It is a source of emotional and sometimes financial support in time of need during a hoped for lifetime.

Sharing the good and bad times makes the good times better and the bad not so bad or traumatic. Managing life as a committed team is frequently more satisfying.

A man would like to improve upon the family he never had or had but with needed improvements so that he can perhaps someday be proud of his offspring legacy.

He loves the idea of committing to someone who accepts and supports him with all his weaknesses or faults.

Safe and reliable sex is something which he enjoys.

He has probably fallen in love with a woman’s looks and personality and the rare man has also fallen in love with the woman’s smarts.

He can financially support a family or support a nanny for a working wife. Of all the reasons to get married this is the most important one which should almost always come first.

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