Decision: n. making an impulsive judgment and/or a judgment after some thought and/or inquiry and frequently doing and/or not doing a subset(s)

There are basically impulsive decisions and delayed decisions which require some thought and/or inquiry first.

Many of our decisions are rather impulsive or spontaneous requiring little thought. When we are hungry or thirsty we eat or drink or wait till the appropriate time. When we are physically exhausted we impulsively rest and when it is bedtime we feel tired and go to sleep.

When asked a common or everyday question we respond impulsively and quickly with an answer and only have to think a little if the question is rather unusual and requires some thought. Cashiers and fast food workers respond or act rather impulsively and are only slowed down or have to think if there is a special request or special order.

A decision to solve a problem may be very impulsive but thinking about the problem and reaching a decision on what to do about it may be very time consuming and require some research.

Making a judgment may be impulsive or take some time but ultimately for every decision one must decide whether to do something or not do anything.

We may decide that we are not eating healthy but may not be willing to put in the time and effort to do anything about it and do nothing to change our eating habits. Not changing to better eating is also a decision so if you continue to eat badly then you are ultimately the one to blame for your inaction.

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