Retaliation: n. revengeving without hatred and sometimes with conditional forgiveness

Revengev: v. to impact with a desire to punish for some offense(s) which is usually done with intense hatred  (a new verb for revenge)

Retaliation is the same thing as revenge unless you exclude hatred from it’s expression and occasionally include conditional forgiveness as an option. You can retaliate or want to punish an offender for injuring and/or offending you but it need not be done with hatred and you hope that the retaliation will teach the offender a lesson so that they don’t offend again. Sometimes embarrassment is the only punishment needed if it is a family member or close friend but unfortunately the world is filled with humans without shame and embarrassment is not an option and some form of punishment is necessary in the retaliation.

Trade wars start because tariffs are used as a form of retaliation for unjust trade practices and unless those trade practices are corrected the retaliation is frequently not reversed. If you begin to hate whom you are retaliating against then chances are great that you will never reach a just resolution of the problem because your hateful emotions will dominate in any future trade agreements. Cool logical mutually beneficial compromise is necessary and not the vengeful hateful feelings frequently found in an eye for an eye philosophy or hateful human interaction.

In human relationships retaliation is preferable to revenge and if the offender feels that you hate them then chances are great that they will hate you back and never reform their behavior. “You hurt my feelings by doing or saying that and I hope that you won’t do or say that again” is better than saying “I hate you for hurting my feelings or doing that”.

In close relationships judicious retaliation is frequently the best approach with much conditional forgiveness.  Forgive and forget is NO retaliation for relatively unimportant bad things and is sometimes necessary to avoid resentment and hatred from polluting an otherwise healthy trusting relationship.

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