They are irresponsible with money or don’t think it is important in life.

They’re unfaithful, cheat on you, or are adulterous if married.

They intentionally lie to you and make future lies or promises they don’t intend to fulfill.

They can’t take no for an answer but will persist unrelentingly.

They insist that they are right almost always and expect you do almost everything which they suggest. They are egomaniacal control freaks.

They use abusive or profane language when talking to you or even slap or hit you  physically as a sign of an abusive personality.

They will almost never admit they were wrong, don’t apologize, or always have an excuse even when it is obvious that they were wrong.

They’re still chatty with their ex even though they claim that they hate him or her. This is a not so obvious example of lying or saying one thing and doing something totally opposite to what you say or claim.

They’re rude and don’t apologize even when you point out the rudeness to them and tell them that your feelings were hurt.

They’re disrespectful and can’t empathize with truthful just criticism when offered.

They can’t tolerate you spending some time on your own doing stuff which only you like or taking a break by yourself.

They aren’t concerned about their health with bad eating and drinking habits, addictive alcohol or drug taking, and top it all off with inactivity or couch potato tendencies.

They will do almost anything to please you even when you don’t deserve it.

They think that they can buy your affection with generous gifts and material possessions even after repeated very bad behavior.

They give you exaggerated praise for almost anything which you do using an abundance of superlative expressions.

They don’t honestly criticize you no matter how bad your behavior is or how bad your taste in goods is.

They like to associate with bad friends who also have some or many of the above extreme personality flaws.

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