Relatively unimportant misunderstandings are bound to happen in partnerships and they should frequently be for a relatively short duration. Forgive and forget the transient misunderstandings and move on to more important concerns.

You should trust your partner and if you reach a point where trust is no longer possible then consider breaking off the partnership. Being honest, sincere, dependable, competent, and friendly is vital if a relationship is to last for a long duration. If lying and irresponsibility starts to interfere with the relationship then it won’t last long if not corrected in time so that trustworthiness can continue. Trust is the vital bond which ensures a lasting relationship and without it you really don’t have a good relationship.

Learn the art of compromising and not fighting for win or lose situations all the time. Learn to give a little and get a little or give much and get much of what you really want. There will also be times when you give much and get little or get much and give little all depending on the circumstances. If you give much in one circumstance and get little maybe the next time around you will be able to get much and give only a little. If you want a female spouse to work to help much with the income then give much and learn to do the dishes, prepare a meal, do the laundry, vacuum the carpet, and spend more time with offspring.

Don’t be afraid to pursue different interests in a partnership which may separate you time wise to some extent. When you reunite then you will have many more interesting things to share and talk about and the relationship will not become that boring. Support your partner in his or her interests so you can mutually benefit from the new job or new experiences.

Don’t be afraid to reveal your weaknesses to your partner because they also have some and you should get more caring support in the areas where you are not that strong if your partner is capable of expressing empathy. If your partner has a weakness then try to help or do things to lessen the impact of that weakness.

Sometimes there are problems which are unfixable or bad childhood experiences which have made your personality less than perfect. You may be stuck with your problems and the best thing to do is to just learn to live with the problems or find ways to work around them and lessen their handicapping effects. With time you can hope to improve the situation but must realize that some problems and personality traits will probably not go away permanently.

Fights or severe arguments may erupt once in a while where there is no clear winner or loser. Don’t suffer through lasting resentment but learn to quickly forgive and forget to some extent. No relationship will last if resentment lasts long and the fight is recurrently brought up in future confrontations which should be discussions and compromises instead as much as possible.

Don’t expect your partner to read your mind or always tune in to your true emotional mood. Clearly tell what you want your partner to do and tell them if you are upset about something. If you are exhausted or angry at someone and want emotional support then tell your partner that you are exhausted or angry at someone or had a terrible day. Communicate your problems and feelings in words so that your partner does not misunderstand your true state of mind. You may get more consideration and empathy by being open and up front with your emotional and physical circumstances.


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