Apprenticeship: n. on the job experience in any profession

Have you recently graduated with a college or university degree and can’t find a job because you don’t have on the job experience of 1 to 3 years?

The system is to blame because there should be business and professional apprenticeship programs which you pay for with your or your parents money or an apprenticeship loan.

If you fail during the apprenticeship period then you should start looking for a job elsewhere. You can also reeducate yourself in a field which doesn’t require job experience or a field in which you are really good at. You should try for a field where you can demonstrate actual ability in a profession which does not just mean the ability to get good grades. Social connections are the way that you can get employed without experience but unfortunately the rest of us wind up out of work and disillusioned.

If you are smart then you will not let your offspring pursue a liberal arts field where there will be very few jobs in the technological 21st century unless you are very talented.

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