Contentment: n. experiencing a relatively long duration of satisfaction and/or happiness

When someone says that they are leading a content life then that means that they are leading a generally satisfying and/or happy life.

Yes, no one can be content all the time so there are periods of dissatisfaction and unhappiness but they are generally rather infrequent and not considered as drawbacks to a mostly content life.

Contentment last a relatively long time and it is only temporarily interrupted with some unsatisfying and unhappy moments. If you are content with your marriage then that means that you are generally satisfied and/or happy with it.

If you are satisfied and/or happy for an hour or two then you have had a period of contentment no matter how unsatisfying and unhappy your life may be the rest of the time.

You can be content with a relatively inactive life or be content with a rather dynamic and interesting life. Contentment usually means that your basic needs are fulfilled and what you do beyond these basic needs is your responsibility or your life to lead.

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