Selfcontrol: n. mental control of one’s own (desires and/or emotions) and/or behaviors

Most of us react impulsively much of the time and we have some conscious control over our behaviors, less control over our emotions, and even less control over our desires.

Psychologists may object to my definition because there has been a historical artificial separation of mind and body or desires and emotions versus behaviors. The fact is that you can have mental control over all three and an artificial separation of mind and body behaviors is not factually correct because body behaviors include the functioning of the mind!!!!!! Trash all those historical writings which assume a mind vs. body philosophy!

Someone with much selfcontrol is less impulsive than the average human and even occasionally takes some time out to think before they react to circumstances.

Young offspring are very impulsive and will do many things which adults have learned not to do for safety or social reasons. Offspring tend to be more reckless and honest and will blurt out comments about appearance and behavior which may seem a little offensive to some adults. That is an ugly dress, you are fat, or you’re mean are sometimes honest remarks made by offspring which offend adult sensibilities.

If you are unhappy about your lifestyle chances are that you will make rather few changes unless there is a crisis because you are in a relatively satisfying rut always taking the easy way out without much selfdiscipline or the selfcontrol needed to make changes and do something about your bad circumstances.

If your behavior is largely influenced by the behavior of others, if you are not conscious of your good or bad habits, if you frequently get angry and get into arguments, then chances are great that you also have little selfcontrol over your own life.

If you want more selfcontrol in your life then you have to take some time out to meditate and think about how your life is progressing and what if anything can be done to improve upon it. Too many are tired of trying to improve their lives because they have not met with much success but too much failure and decide to accept their fate or circumstances.

If you are not learning any new useful skills or new useful knowledge and feel that you know enough about the world to make it through another day then the probability is great that you will never develop enough selfcontrol to really thrive and not just exist.

Are you conscious of or have you thought about or analyzed almost all your desires, emotions, and behaviors? If not then the probability is great that you have little if any personal control over them.


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