Shortsightendness: n. planning and doing for the short duration and ignoring planning and doing for the long duration and/or focusing on tactics and not having a strategy

There are shortsighted personal and business interactions which emphasize short duration benefits and profits and not long duration benefits and profits.

In your zeal to establish almost instant good relationships with humans you may be deceptive and even lie somewhat and use exaggerated praise and generous material gifts to try and be liked by someone. This sometimes works if you want rather immediate benefits from a relationship such as sex or sell someone on your risky idea and/or investment or get someone to buy something from you. In the long duration if you want a good reputation and relationship then you will fail since with time your phoniness will surface and the temporary trusting relationship will no longer exist and your reputation will be in the toilet.

In business the tremendous desire to get profits quickly for the short duration leads to shoddy merchandise, bad customer service, unhealthy food, very risky investments, and long duration possible financial bankruptcy.

In government shortsightedness leads to too many laws which favor big money and some small money special interests which don’t benefit the general welfare and handicap small and some relatively large minority groups and businesses.

Most dangerous is the shortsightedness of the food industry and government which no longer courageously supports true organic farming which helps to preserve the biodiversity of the food supply in society. No taxation of the truly organic food farmers, wholesalers of organic food, and organic restaurants would go a long way towards incentivizing a biodiverse healthy food industry. Refrigerated organic raw milk and organic raw milk cheeses and products sent nationally and internationally should be legalized! The health of the nation will gradually improve.

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