The article by Margaret Rutherford is informative but falls short in describing marriage as being pretty simple and not rocket science. Kindness, Respect, Loyalty is not all that is needed. A prerequisite is a good enough salary to support a family and commonly shared morals which means not lying, stealing, or being adulterous. Loyalty to an immoral, undependable, and abusive poor communicator is sheer stupidity and the relationship will never last long because you can’t respect such a human.

If you can’t afford a family financially then don’t get married until you can, otherwise you will have to become dependent on your parent’s handouts or welfare and pregnancy will probably destroy whatever tenuous relationship you have together.

I also disagree that marriage is getting teary-eyed together which coming from a female writer is very biased personal thinking. I have never been teary-eyed together with my wife and neither have millions of other males.

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