Evasion: n. trying to escape and/or to avoid a subset(s) such as (responsibility and/or commitment) and/or (selfrevelation and/or confrontation) by using (cleverness and/or deception) and/or (a change in behavior and/or a change in direction)

Evasive tactics are frequently used when one wants to escape or avoid confrontational or unpleasant situations. You may want to avoid responsibility, commitment, confrontation, or selfrevelation and may use excuses, change the subject, promise to answer at a later date, speak much and never get to the point, start using the cellphone, excuse yourself to leave for the restroom, or quickly leave the premises.


Beating around the bush is a phrase frequently used when you are killing time hoping that maybe the ongoing subject will go away or eventually be ignored.


In nature prey frequently zigzag and change direction trying to avoid getting caught by a predator or trying to evade it. Humans also try to evade unpleasant conversations by changing the direction of the conversation to more pleasant themes.


If you are honest, have nothing to hide, and have done nothing wrong which would embarrass you then you will rarely have to use evasive tactics. The most evasion that you will be doing is just trying to avoid or ignore the bad humans in your life.

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