Forfeiture: n. frequently involuntarily but sometimes voluntarily no longer possessing a subset(s) and the possession loss is frequently forcefully taken and caused by an authoritative punishment and/or penalty

If you had a car or furniture repossessed or had a game or games voided because of illegality then you forfeited the car, furniture, or game.

Forfeiting is giving up something either voluntarily or involuntarily when that something is taken away from you forcibly. Forfeiting exists because frequently you have done something illegal or unacceptable and you are being punished or penalized.

If you are excommunicated from the Catholic or Mormon Church then you forfeit your rights as a practicing catholic or Mormon.

Forfeiting property or forfeiting rights as punishment for illegal or unacceptable behavior is a fact of life for some in society.

Forfeiting a goal or points is also a punishment for illegal play.


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