Stability: n. a large probability that a subset(s) will not change and/or will change minimally in the future for an unidentified duration

Humans generally like or prefer stability in relationships, jobs, and life in general. We frequently don’t want great change to exist because there is always the uncertainty of new situations which can potentially alter our expectations of a safe existence.

Some humans do like the challenge of change and are not that committed to a stable existence and take more risks in life than the average human.

If things are going relatively well in our lives and we are generally happy with our circumstances then we usually don’t want change which can potentially endanger this happiness and wellbeing. Even if our lives are rather shitty our bad habits are what we choose to live with because we have become accustomed to our shitty stable lifestyle and are usually too lazy to make changes to it.

Our good and bad habits create stability in our lives and many of us subconsciously don’t want this stability to change.

Stability is a measure of how long something lasts without any or minimal changes.

A stable device is both durable and reliable.

A stable human is one behaving predictably with good and bad habits and being emotionally predictable also.

An impulsive erratically behaving human is not stable and has uncontrolled emotional outbursts and unusual impulsive behaviors making behavioral predictions very hard or impossible to do.

Many of us crave stability in our lives but there are some exceptions who thrive on risk taking and doing things which have the potential to disrupt stability in a major way.

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