Frustration: n. frequently attempting to reach a goal(s) and not doing so within an acceptable standard(s) and/or norm(s)

We have all tried to do something or complete a goal and have not been able to do so quickly if at all. Many frustrating experiences frequently cause us to give up on what we set out to do but there are rare individuals who stay frustrated long enough and finally succeed at doing what they set out to do.

When the goal is not that important too much frustration will cause us to quit but if the goal is important then frequently many frustrating experiences are just the price which you may have to pay for successfully achieving the goal.

The undesirable behavior of other humans can also become a frustrating experience. You may want a smooth or good relationship with a human and no matter how much you try you fail at every attempt.

Some examples of frustrating experiences are –

going on many diets and never really succeeding in permanent weight loss,

trying to make 5 baskets in a row in basketball from the penalty line and failing to do so,

trying to learn proper finger positioning on a violin and never quite getting it right,

an absence of punctuality in a friend,

not being able to say very many things in a foreign language which you could in high school 30 years ago,

not being able to clasp a necklace,

not being able to remember all the grammar rules, and

trying to find a free parking spot in a big city.

An example of a temporary frustration is being caught in heavy traffic, especially if there is an accident ahead of you.

Whatever the frustration it is frequently teaching or learning a very hard skill or memorization of something very difficult which is frustrating and you frequently decide to give up on teaching or learning the skill or memorizing the information if it is not that important in your life.

Frustration is a frequent occurrence in most lives.

We try to do something and we aren’t skilled enough and/or knowledgeable enough to do it,

we apply for a job more than once which we think we are qualified for and like and we are refused every time,

we try to buy something such as a sport or luxury car which we think we really like only to find out that it is outside our budget,

we ask a member of the opposite sex on a date and get refused more than once,

we try to ace every test only to find out that we get average grades instead of outstanding ones,

and we try many times to convince our spouse that impulsive spending will lead to financial ruin but there is no noticeable change in behavior.

These are just some examples of the frustrations which we deal with in our daily lives and there are hundreds more.

Sometimes we are very tenacious and put in much time, energy, effort, and money trying to achieve a goal(s) only to find out that the goal(s) continues to frustrate us no matter how hard we seem to be trying.  If the goal(s) is not that important in our lives then it is easy to give up and try to do something else but if it is an important goal(s) then we may try to achieve it with more tenacity.

A realistic appraisal of our abilities and financial resources is necessary to avoid too much frustration and sooner or later we come to the realization that we just don’t have the ability and/or financial resources and probably will not have the ability and/or financial resources to reach the goal(s) even in the long duration.

Confronted with too much frustration in our lives we tend to withdraw from human relationships and attempts at improving our lives. Many just content themselves with living day to day without much regard for the future with a que sera sera attitude or what will be will be attitude.

When confronted with frustration ask yourself if it is an important priority in your life. If it is an important priority then ask yourself if there are new skills and knowledge and relationships which will potentially end the frustration or is it something which you should be avoiding so that you can spend more time on a goal(s) which will not frustrate you.

Frustration is a big part of life and when most of us are confronted with too much frustration we have a tendency to give up or we try to avoid the source of the frustration.

Sometimes trying harder or learning more about the source of the frustration can put us on the road to overcoming the frustration but there are times to stop what we are trying to accomplish if we can’t find someone else to do it for us.

Writing a blog and not getting satisfying feedback can be frustrating so many give up and their passion for writing subsides rather quickly with it.

Finally, if you are frustrated and can’t do something on your own then maybe try to find some human(s) who can help you end the frustration and pay them for the service!



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